Hard Bidding/General Contractor

Perhaps the most common delivery method over the past century, the competitive bidding of multiple contractors against one another would determine the contractor of choice. These construction contracts were typically the result of independent entities working separately toward a common goal. As an owner determines the necessity for a new facility or addition they oftentimes work in-house to develop a basis for their project. When they had developed an idea for the project and evaluated the feasibility, an architect and/or engineer were selected to facilitate the design and prepare documents that would serve several purposes; bidding, permitting, and construction. Typically at this point a contractor would be selected using a competitive bidding process based upon the documents prepared by the architect and/or engineer, permits would be secured, and construction activities would commence.

This method is still common today in public sector work where municipalities are required to operate under the competitive bidding scenario. This method of contracting has limitations which can lengthen the overall project duration and limit the combined creativity of the design and construction team. In some instances this is the only method allowed due to limitations set forth by corporate boards, municipalities, or state or federal statutes.

Johnston Contractors has successfully completed numerous projects following a competitive bidding process. Adding us to your list of pre-qualified contractors will ensure that your project receives the benefit of our expertise during the contractor selection process.

Some successful hard bid projects include:

  • Dr. MLK Elementary School (Champaign, IL)
  • Designer Shoe Warehouse (Peoria, IL)
  • Chalk Daycare
  • City of Bloomington Parking Structure
  • State Farm Upgrades
  • University of Illinois Main Library Renovation
  • Tri Valley Middle School Addition/Renovation
  • Tri Valley Elementary School Renovation
  • Shops at Veterens Parkway