About Johnston Contractors

Beginning in 1983, Johnston Contractors, Inc. has established an identity synonymous with quality, professionalism, and honesty. Successfully completing hundreds of projects; from education to healthcare, warehouse to retail, sporting venues to housing, Johnston Contractors has gained a reputation that places us at the top of the list of local contractors. Maintaining these ideals has been, and will continue to be, the foundation of the company’s success.

Careful planning and team building are proven components that ensure our client's expectations are met time-and-time again. Working together with architects and engineers, often times as a part of our overall contract, fosters a positive, collective approach thereby avoiding problems. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our past clients. Oftentimes we have built for them again and again, each time improving upon our previous successes.

In the architectural and engineering communities we are often the name given to a prospective owner who is looking for a local builder to construct their project. These endorsements are bestowed upon Johnston Contractors as a testament to our reputation and ability. An endorsement such as that can only be earned through hard work, teamwork, and dedication.

Relying upon our professional staff’s vast experience, we are able to assemble a team that has the necessary experience to avoid the obstacles that can cause costly budget over-runs and lengthy delays. Our staff works hand-in-hand with the design team, regardless of the contract method, to streamline the construction process.

In using our network of subcontractors and suppliers, we are able to bring an additional level of expertise to your project. This network has been integral in the success of our operation; not only in the design phase, but in the construction process as well. Our relationship with the subcontractors and suppliers is an extension of our relationship with owners, architects and engineers; they are valuable members of our team. 

Given the opportunity, Johnston Contractors can build a success for you. We would welcome the opportunity to become a part of your team, either as a valued partner, or as the leader for your next construction project.